Spring Asthenia

Spring Asthenia

At the beginning of spring, as much as we enjoy the high temperatures and the warm atmosphere, a more difficult thing to avoid is “spring asthenia”. A condition as real as possible, asthenia  defined by the state of exhaustion and fatigue of the body caused by the change of season. Which accompanied by moods and, in more severe cases, even depressive episodes.

What is spring asthenia

According to doctors, seasonal asthenia occurs more often in women and can  caused both by the inability of the body to adapt to new environmental conditions. As well as hormonal changes or defective diet, free of vitamins and minerals.

Although it can be easily confused with depression, asthenia has several specific symptoms that help us identify and prevent its aggravation. A first sign of this condition , say the doctors, the loss of interest in the various activities with which we are accustomed.

In addition to this condition that threatens our productivity, other common symptoms of asthenia are:

Unmotivated melancholy states;
Irritability and anxiety;
Difficulties in concentration
Low appetite;
Muscle pain;
Low blood pressure.


Although this condition goes away in a few weeks, when the body becomes accustomed to the new season, there are some possibilities to speed up this process of adaptation and prevent the symptoms that can affect our daily activity.

The main way we can influence spring asthenia is nutrition, in which we should include as many foods rich in vitamin C, magnesium, Vitamin E, iron and calcium. Thus, an early spring diet should contain balanced doses of green fruits and vegetables, nuts, peanuts and almonds, fish and seafood, as well as dairy products.

Also, permanently keeping the body hydrated and replacing coffee with green tea or ginseng, stimulates vitality and reduces stress.

In any case, do not forget about the activities that always make you feel better. Walking in the park, sporting activities, a short mountain vacation or simply spending time with your loved ones can be the best remedies for symptoms due to spring asthenia or any other condition. As a healthy body will always need it, before all from a healthy mind.

And to stay worry-free, don’t forget the importance of health insurance – a long-term investment that gives you access to treatments and hospitalization when you need it most.

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